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What do the backs of the patches look like?

All patches are sewn onto a cotton twill fabric and backed with a thermal adhesive film. This film allows you to iron your patches onto whatever garment you desire if you choose. The colour of the thread on the back varies greatly, but you will not be able to see the back once you've hand-sewn it to the surface of your choice.

Should I hand-sew my patch on?

Hand sewing your patches is the best way to prolong their life. I recommend ironing the patch to the place that you desire and hand sewing around its perimeter. I cannot guarantee how long a patch will stay when it is only ironed on.

How do I apply my patch?

- Place the patch over the desired location with the embroidery side facing up

- Cover with a thin cloth or tea towel and iron without steam for about 30 seconds

- If the patch is not fully secure, cover and iron it again

- Optional, but highly recommended, hand sew a few stitches around the patch

How do I sew on my patch?

1. Prepare your base material, wash, dry, and/or iron if necessary.

2. Optional: Iron on the patch and/or pin the patch in place

3. Thread a heavy hand sewing needle and tie a knot

4. Press the needle through the underside of the patch to hide the knot

5. Press the needle back through the patch to the underside of the material

6. Hand sew around the patch, just on the inside of the satin stitching

7. Tie the ends of the thread in a knot on the underside of the material

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How can I prolong the life of my patch?

~ Turn garment inside out when washing by machine

~ I recommend hand stitching around the edge of the patch as this will keep it attached longer and it will last longer (plus if you want to place it somewhere else you can just remove the stitches!)


What elastic is inside the scrunchies?

Inside the scrunchies is a braided elastic. This elastic is 1/4" wide and 7" long, it's made of 56% polyester and 44% rubber/caoutchouc.

How do I care for my scrunchies?

Care for your scrunchies by hand washing them gently if needed and hang them to dry.