Decorate your hoodies, shirts, backpacks, jackets, and more with patches. Hand sew them on or iron them on and turn your boring jacket into your favourite jacket, or add your personality to your backpack.

Dancer Patch


Swimming Sea Turtle Patch


Landscape Patch


Tiny petaled flower patch



Handmade using Cotton Twill fabric, tear-away stabilizer, polyester thread, and a thermal adhesive film. Each patch is cut out by hand using a soldering iron.

Shipping: will be shipped through Canada Post and will not include tracking.

- Please note, every patch I make is unique. There are no returns or exchanges due to the coronavirus meaning that all sales are FINAL. Please feel free to contact me at if there are any problems with your order.

Application Instructions

- Place the patch over the desired location with the embroidery side facing up

- Cover with a thin cloth or tea towel and iron without steam for about 30 seconds

- If the patch is not fully secure, cover and iron it again

- Optional, but highly recommended, hand sew a few stitches around the patch

Tips for prolonged life

~ Turn garment inside out when washing by machine

~ I recommend hand stitching around the edge of the patch as this will keep it attached longer and it will last longer (plus if you want to place it somewhere else you can just remove the stitches!)